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31st Annual EWOCC #DecolonizingFeminism: Reclaiming our Bodies and

Communities in a Digital World

Our 31st Annual Empowering Women of Color Conference, “Decolonizing Feminism: Reclaiming our Bodies and Communities in a Digital World,” is inspired by women of colors’ viral revolutions in social media. Women of Color have always been essential to the empowerment of women, yet historically our contributions have been erased and othered by white/mainstream-feminism. Our voices have been silenced, our bodies objectified, our communities gentrified. In the spirit of Audre Lorde, “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house,” Women of Color have continued to create different tools in order to break down oppression and rebuild a sense of love for our self and our community.

Through thought provoking workshops, a panel discussion, and speakers, we will explore how women of color are shifting the dominant narrative, bringing attention to our voices that were previously ignored. We will explore how information is shared, what information is shared, and how Women of Color are reflected in these spaces. We will discuss the digital divide, and the ways in which technology has both helped and harmed our communities. As our society shifts to be more digital, the depiction of Women in Color in the news, on the Internet, and in our own communities is often dehumanizing. In response, we will hold a lens to the (mis)representations of women of color on various digital platforms, be it colorism, sexism, and/or sexually degrading images, and how to best address these harmful stereotypes. We will think about the ways we connect in this age of cyber-sisterhood. We will think of the spaces and places we find joy and entertainment in the digital. We reaffirm that pleasure is our birthright.

As we proudly celebrate 31 years of the Empowering Women of Color Conference, we invite people of all ages, abilities, socioeconomic and immigration statuses, genders, nationalities, and religions, and cultural backgrounds to use this as a safe-space for discussion, community building, and healing. We aren’t using the master’s tools anymore!



Now, that you’ve read what this year’s theme is about, you should also know that we’re looking for logos. Applications can be filled out here.  Check out the picture below for more details.

EWOCC 2015 Logo Call