Workshop Session #1: 11:30 AM

a collective healing and strategy space for survivors of street harassment

Becoming My Authentic Self: Breaking the Barriers of Middle Eastern Culture

Becoming Our Own Heroes: Building the Movement to Stop the Growth of Fascism and Force Trump Out

Breaking Down Privilege: Access to Healthy Foods in Communities of Color and Low-Income Communities

Cultivating collective the power of immigrant and refugee womxn & developing

strategies to organize an intersectional movement.

DIY Moon Pads

Do You Have Sex with Your Hijab? The Multiple Burdens of American Muslim Women in Public Spaces; Voices from a New Generation of Muslim Women

Domestic Violence – What can one do?

Get Clarity: Self-Actualize and Achieve Your Dreams

Globetrotting 101: Smart ways to navigate mother earth.

Healing Through Writing the Unsaid

Intergenerational Transmission of Knowledge and Collective Healing

Making Money Moves: A Collective and Compassionate Approach to Healing Your Relationship With Money

Manifesting Malleability: Harnessing Modalities of Healing for Trauma Recovery

Reclaiming Intuition: Divination and Responsible Storytelling

Sankofa: An Intergenerational Practice

Self-Defense Workshop

Sharing Our Narratives: An Act of Healing

the harvest of our mothers’ gardens: unearthing the inherent creativity of the black woman

Whatever Happens, Whatever Happened… We Are Rising


Workshop Session #2: 1:45 PM


#ChildofRefugees: Understanding The Southeast Asian American Experience

Analyzing Dimensionality within myself.

Building a time capsule for your diasporic experience

Diaspora Diaries

Dismantling the Patriarchy: Preventing Sexual Violence

DJ Workshop

Empowering WOC/QTPOC Through Community Co-ops

From Analog to Digital: Crafting Language through Chaos

Radical Self Care and it’s effect on Revolutionary Thought and Practice


Reclaiming the Power of OUR Bodies; Self Defense and Healing

Rooted: Gardening as Healing

Seed Sounds: The Foundation of Sonic Healing

The Revolution Starts With You: Prioritizing the Needs of Your Future by Acknowledging Your Past

The struggles of being a bad ass Palestinian Womxn

The Women’s Building SF – Mothering the Movement for 40 Years 1979-2019

Transnational and Transracial Korean Adoption: Creating Happy Families or Child Trafficking?

Unlearning Unconscious Islamophobia

What Happens When Some of Us Are Brave, You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

Why can’t the pain stop: Addressing depression, body dysmorphia and disordered eating


Workshop Session #1 AND #2

“U” Didn’t Get the Memo

Body Medicine: Practicing Physical, Spiritual, and Mental Wellness

Brown Sister’s Heal

Financial Formation: Adulting Made Easier

Healing Drum Circle with Wakan Wiya (Sacred Woman) Two-Spirit Community Drum

Sound and Voice as Healing for Liberation

Spilling Tea: How Storytelling Can Be Revolutionary

The MotherLine: From Restorative Inquiry to Embodied Practice