EWOCC is recognized to be one of the longest running conferences in the nation that addresses the needs and concerns of women of color. The conference brings together cutting edge women of color activists such as Angela Davis, Elaine Brown, Cherrie Moraga, Gina Palcado and Chrystos with Bay Area community leaders and academics (especially students) to discuss and strategize ways of impacting the current issues facing women of color.

EWOCC was founded in 1985 by a group of undergraduate students as their semester project for a DE-Cal (Democratic Education at Cal) class. The project, entitled “Women of Color in the United States,” received an overwhelmingly positive response, and students decided to organize another event with the help of the Graduate Assembly (GA), Berkeley’s graduate student government.

EWOCC was one of the first conferences to present women of color with an opportunity to address the racial, class, and gender issues facing American Indian, African American, Asian American, and Chicana/Latina women.


1985: Empowering Women of Color Conference

1986: Organizing for the Here, the Now, the Future (featuring Michelle Wallace)

1987: Standing At The Crossroads: This Bridge Called My Back (featuring Gloria Anzaldua and Cherrie Moraga)

1988: Wake Up! Women of Color Taking the Lead (featuring Theresa Cordova, Chockie Cottier, Raquel Sancho, Deanna Jang, Pat Norman)

1989: Sister/Outsiders: A Movement of Our Own – From the Sixties to the Eighties (featuring Aneb Kgositsile)

1990: Taking Back: Taking Back/ Private Truths/Public Lies A One-Day Conference Dedicated to the Work of Dolores Huerta (featuring bell hooks)

1991: Legacy of Resistance (featuring Betty Cooper, Maria Cora, Sheba Haven, Helen Zia)

1992: Rising Up Live! (featuring June Jordan, Alice Walker, Angela Y. Davis, Diane Reeves, Terri Lyne Carrington, Gina Pacaldo, Lulintang Arts)

1993: A Litany For Survival… In memory of Audre Lorde and All Our Foremothers (featuring: Cherrie Moraga and Barbara Christian)

1994: Rights of Passage: Exposing the Margins (featuring Paula Gunn Allen and Booma Cheema)

1995: Reaping Fruit and Throwing Seed (featuring: Angela Davis and Chrystos)

1996: Sojourn Within: Defining the True Essence of Our Power (featuring: Elaine Brown and Ninotchka Rosca)

1997: Uprising: Women’s Work is Never Done (featuring: Nikki Gioovanni, Merle Woo, Nelia Sancho, Huanani-Kay Trask, Maria Elena Martinez-Torres, Alba Aguilera, Krishanti Dharmaraj)

1998: Celebrating Daughters of Diversity (featuring:Sister Souljah, Norma Alarcon, Katie Quan, and Eva Patterson)

2001: Girl to Goddess…Youth to Power (featuring: Ursula Rucker)

2002: Women of Color in Media (featuring: Gina Prince-Bythewood and Felicia D. Henderson)

2003: Fighting for Liberation! Expanding Our Notion of Revolution (featuring: Yuri Kochiyama)

2004: The Politicization of Women in Higher Education (featuring: Sonia Sanchez)

2005: Confronting Power: A Century of Struggles and Movements (featuring: Elaine Brown, Lakota Harden, Dolores Huerta, Susan Taylor, Angela Oh)

2006: Nourishing Mother E.A.R.T.H. Environmental Awakening Restoring Traditions & Heritage (featuring Beverly Wright)

2007: Our Bodies, Our Souls: Sistahood, Health and Healing (​featuring: Mililani Trask)

2008: decolonizing creativity: FIERY WOMYN, FIERCE EXPRESSIONS (featuring: Climbing Poetry)

2009: Revolutionary Love, From “Me” to “We”: Redefining intimacy and activism (featuring: Cherrie Moraga)

2010: Intergenerational Wisdon: Celebrating Our Past, Present, & Future (featuring: Rebecca Walker & Auroua Levins Morales)

2011: Building Across Differences: Inciting a Movement of Our Own (​featuring: Angela Davis, Erika Huggins, & Dylcia Pagan)

2012: A Holistic Approach: Justice, Access, and Healing (​featuring: Andrea Smith & Radmilla Cody)

2013: Labor of Love, Labor of Sorrow: Bodies and Souls Building Life (featuring: Ai-jen Poo)

2014: Talking Back! Our Voices Overcoming Violence (featuring: Loretta J. Ross, Minh Dang, Brianna Michelle, Kim Tran, & Dom Jones)

2015: No Better Time Than Now: Transnational Resistance, Solidarity & Love (featuring: Favianna Rodriguez, Corrina Gould, & CeCe McDonald)

2016: 31st Annual Empowering Women of Color Conference, “‪#‎DecolonizingFeminism‬: Reclaiming our Bodies and Communities in a Digital World” (featuring Feminista Jones, and much more)

2017: Unbound and Unboxed: Owning, Asserting and Uplifting Our Whole Selves (featuring: Fatimah Asghar and Ericka Huggins)

2018: Free Space, Our Space: Actualizing Freedom, Asserting Presence, Cultivating Power (featuring: Charlene Carruthers)

2019: Rooted + Rising: Preserving Intergenerational Knowledge, Fostering Revolutionary Possibilities

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