Session 2

Aging is All About Living: Changing perceptions on Aging, Elders and Cannabis
Building Resilience in the Resistance: An Introduction to Using Mindfulness and Movement to Effect Sustainable Change
Cultivating X/Chingona Power
Diaspora Diaries
DJ workshop
Immigration: A Look into the Experiences of Black Women and Girls
Making the Institution Mine: Writing Our Own Rulebook as Students of Color
Peace & Cranes: Breaking Down the Model Minority
Preserving your humanity: Discussion on Surviving the Academic White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy (aka Berkeley)
Resource Building: Tools to Cultivate Resiliency
Selfology Sundays
Sound and the Art of Manifestation
The Power to Speak Up
Twinkling Tears and Little Stars: Trans*/Trans-/Trans/Transgender of Color Lamentation, Loneliness, and Laughter
We are the Future We’ve Been Dreaming Of: Creating Space and Cultivating Movements amongst Black Women
Who We Be : Building Non – Violent Intimacies In a Violent Society
Women the Radio – How to bring your female voice into the local community radio landscape
You Go Girl: How to create and maintain a trip around the world